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About us

About us

Founded in 2009 by a team of industry gurus and medical experts, Hangsen is passionate about making changes to society with e-liquids and vaping products.

With a team of more than 1000 employees in 3 production sites located in North America, Europe, and Asia, our mission is to enable consumers to enjoy the "Flavor of Life” without sacrificing their health and wellbeing.

At Hangsen, we truly believe that technology can make the world a healthier place by offering alternatives to cigarette smoking. Therefore, we never stop innovating new liquids and vaping devices with the enhanced user experience. Our production footprint in 3 different continents allows us to source the best ingredients from around the globe. 


Our history

After years of success manufacturing e-liquids, our founder took a good look at the market for e-cig hardware and realised it was swimming in mediocrity. Low-quality devices made from cheap materials and designed with faulty mechanics were popping up everywhere. We created an e-cig device made from metals that withstand years of use, engineered to provide a purer, smoother vape and designed to incorporate the latest technology.

Since our core beliefs stem from innovation and quality we named our new e-cig brand "iQ". We launched the first iQ e-cig device in 2018, followed by the iQ Air - the lightest pod system on the market. With the knowledge of what works and what doesn't, our engineers created an e-cig device, especially for smokers, beyond anything in the market. 


Our policy

As a company, we believe that reasonable government regulations on nicotine products are part of social responsibility. We support these regulations and comply with all relevant laws and regulations that restrict usage among minors. We provide support and education to assure iQ e-cigs are used safely and responsibly by adults only. Our products are never marketed to minors.

We use only the top grade ingredients like USP Propylene Glycol (PG) and Glycerin (VG), 99.7% pure nicotine, Grade A battery cells and REACH compliant metals to ensure our quality meets the highest standard demanded by the industry.

Hangsen believes that customer satisfaction is the only route to success, hence we house service offices and logistics warehouses in The United States, United Kingdom, Poland, and China to offer product support and services to local customers.

Today, Hangsen products are fully compliant with the European Tobacco Product Directive (TPD).

We endeavour to make vaping a more enjoyable experience whilst complying with the local regulations in various countries.


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