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What type of vaper are you?

We are not much for stereotypes — but we are a lot about fun. In this post, we look at the 5 categories of vapers and the vaping devices that might work for the best.


The beginner


We’ve all been there. The first few weeks after you’ve discovered vaping may be a bit challenging as you discover the new tech, pick your first e-liquids, learn about the differences between PG and VG and so on. Some new vapers who used to be smokers may also be experiencing additional transition complications, doubts about their decision to switch to vaping, cigarette cravings and so on.

As you focus on the intricacies of the new solutions, it’s best to keep all the distractions at bay and start off with a kit that won’t require much maintenance or tweaking.



The casual vaper


The casual vaper vapes from time to time but has not let the habit evolve into a lifestyle. Convenience is one of the most important factors for you if you vape casually as you don’t want to spend too much time taking apart your vaping gear, refilling e-liquids, learning about adjusting power settings and so on. With that, as a  casual vaper, you would probably appreciate a bigger battery (as it means less charging) and a device that you can take anywhere without getting any carrying cases or extra accessories.



The geek


If you’ve developed a true passion for vaping, you probably won’t be able to settle for a basic device. Once vaping becomes your hobby, you may soon become interested in personalizing your vaping device along with your overall vaping experience. A true vaping geek will always have a tool kit handy where one could find anything from organic cotton balls and extra coils to pliers and gourmet e-liquids. If you want to benefit from all the customization options that vaping has to offer and love “tinkering” with your vaping setup, you will need a device to match so consider looking into the box mod market.


The fashionista


If your interest in vaping has more to do with the aesthetics of the process rather than with the process itself, we get you. Vaping can be a very pretty sight: with its stunning clouds of flavor, beautiful glass tanks and stylish portable mods, it’s quite hard to resist. If you love the “entourage” of vaping, style may be what you will be interested in the most when picking your next vaping gadget. And, thanks to the exponential growth of the vaping market in recent years, you won’t be strapped for choice when it comes to eye-catching vaping gear.


The mixologist


For some, vaping is all about that flavor. If you have tried almost any e-liquid available and have even dubbed into making your own mixes, this would be you. You probably know all there is to know about PG and VG, can explain the nic salt craze, are able to refill your e-liquid on-the-go and may well be on the way to creating your very own bestselling blend. If this is the case, you will need a vaping gadget that emphasizes flavor and lets you get the best experience out of it.



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