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Your Mini Guide To Spit-Back And How To Avoid It?

Spit-back can be quite an unpleasant experience. And whether you have experienced it or haven't had the pleasure just yet — we are sure you want to avoid it. In this mini-guide, we will try to give you all the information you need about what spit-back is and what you can do to avoid it.


What Is Spit-Back?

In vaping, spit-back is when your coil  "spits" a small amount of heated e-liquid back as you are trying to inhale. As you can see from the description, it's rarely a pleasant occurrence.


How And Why Does Spit-Back Happen?

Spit-back happens when your e-liquid vaporizes too quickly and turns into a hot bubble, which then bursts with hot vape juice. This is similar to when you accidentally pour some water on a heated pan — it will spit back violently. However, if you pour lots of water on the heated pan, the reaction will be subdued and you won't get a spit-back. In the same way, a coil that is well-saturated should not give you spit-back.

Spit-back can also happen when you are pairing your device with the wrong e-liquids. For instance, if you vape a high VG e-liquid on a kit that can't handle it, you might get spit-backs. Some kits come with two sets of coils to address this and give you the flexibility of choice.

How Dangerous Is Spit-Back?

There is nothing essentially dangerous about spit-back — but it is a very unpleasant experience. Just as you are about to inhale, you will hear an alarming popping sound and a burst of hit liquid will fire back into your mouth. The nicotine in that small amount of e-liquid (even if ingested) won't cause you any harm. The drop of e-liquid, though really hot, will also instantly cool down in your mouth (with the help of your saliva).

If your vape kit was pointed at your face at the time of the spit-back, you may get a tiny mild burn — but it should not do any serious damage.


Is There A Way To Prevent Spit-Back?

As spit-back happens within the first milliseconds of firing a coil, the best way to stop it from occurring is with a preemptive strike. One thing you can do is simply point the tank away from you as you are firing the kit for the first time and after it "pops" go about your vaping session as usual.

If your kit allows you to adjust power and you experience spit-back on a regular basis, try turning the power down a notch. Heating the e-liquid at a slower pace will help reduce the risk of spit-back.

Some vapers swear by reducing the airflow on their devices, which helps avoid spit-back. However, in this case, you are running the risk of over saturating your wick, which can lead to your coil flooding.

Another option is spit-back protection. Some kits come with a built-in feature that will stop direct hot bursts of e-liquid by blocking its path in the drip tip. You can check with your kit manufacturer if your device comes with spit-back protection. To check manually, look down the drip tip of your kit: if you can't see the coil, your device probably has a protection feature.

And there we have it. We hope the tips above have been useful and you will be able to avoid spit-back for most of your vaping sessions. Do you have any special tricks you use to prevent spit-back? Please share it with us below.

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