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Your Mini Guide To Flavor Chasing

Cloud chasing is awesome. A lot of us find blowing out substantial amounts of vapor satisfying — because it's simply cool. But apart from the visuals or the fame and fortune of winning a vaping competition, there is not much "practical" value in large clouds. And what the majority of us are really after is getting the most flavor out of our vape. So, in this quick guide, we will address just that and share a few quick tips on how to get the most "taste" from your next vaping session.


Wattage And Temp Settings For Better Flavor


One of the key benefits of having a device with variable wattage settings is that you will be able to tweak these settings to improve the flavor you get from your vape juice.


Here's the thing: vape juices react differently to different temperature settings. This depends on the specific flavoring — because different flavorings vaporize at different temperatures. Your device's settings (as well as your coil's resistance) determine how hot your coil will get — and this, in turn, determines how flavorful your vape will be.


The best advice here is to start at low power settings and then slowly adjust your vape as you go until you hit that perfect setting. Each vape juice has its very own sweet spot — and finding it may take some experimenting.


The temperature of your coil plays a key role in the quality of your vape. If you have a temperature control device, try playing around with this setting as well until you find the perfect balance. The recommendation here is the same as before: start low, make your way up.


Decrease The Airflow


If you are cloud chasing, a big airflow is a win. When you have a substantial amount of air going through your coil, the vapor from your vape gets less dense — but it does form bigger clouds. But if you want to flavor chase, you will need to go in a totally different direction.


Closing the airflow or reducing it significantly is the best thing you can do to get the most vape flavor. Less air makes for a warmer vape that delivers way more flavor. So, if you are using a device with adjustable airflow, make sure to give this a try.


The important thing here is to keep the right balance. When your airflow is completely closed off, you will have less vapor and the vapor can get too hot. Like with the power settings above, it's best to start low and then slowly increase the airflow until you get to the setting that works best for you.


Go With The Right Coils


The coil you have on your device plays a huge role in how much flavor you will get out of your vape. While this can be a matter of personal preference to a large extent, there are still some general recommendations that can come in handy.


Don't use a top-coil atomizer — they are not the best choice for flavor as they often don't wick properly and you may not get the best out of your juice. Bottom-coil devices are a better option as they make gravity work in their favor: with the coil placed at the bottom, the wick does not have to "work hard" to move the e-liquid up to the coil.


Sub-ohm tanks would be the next step up — if used low resistance coils they tend to boost both vapor production and flavor intensity.


If you really want to go all-in into flavor chasing, a rebuildable atomizer would offer the ultimate experience. They offer an unmatched level of customization — thus, you will be able to adjust your vape for the best flavor. The downside? It does require quite a bit of hands-on work and you will need to build your own coils.


Wicking & Wire

The wicking material in your vape is also important. Silica wicks, for instance, tend to mute the flavor of your vape juice — and this is why cotton wicks are much more popular among vapers.


A lot of vapers like organic cotton — Japanese organic cotton has become especially popular in recent years. Cotton wicks are the standard for many clearomizers and can be easily bought in large square sheets at any vape store. They are known for giving a clean flavor having great wicking capabilities as well. One of the most recent discoveries in wicking materials is tea cotton.


Ceramic wicks are also an option. They tend to be more resistant to heat and do produce a good flavor.


Next, you need to pick the right wire. Kanthal remains one of the most popular choices out there to date and is capable of getting a pure quality flavor out of your vape juice.


Other options include nickel (Ni200), stainless steel and titanium. Nickel delivers a flavor quality similar to Kanthal, but both stainless steel and titanium can add a bit of a metallic aftertaste to your vape.


PG or VG for Flavor?


When you are cloud chasing, you want to go for a juice that is high in VG: these e-liquids are thicker, more viscous and make for larger clouds. However, if it is the flavor you are after, high VG juices may not be the best option. While VG is practically flavor-less, it still does have a touch of sweetness to it that can interfere with the original taste of your e-liquid flavor. The downside of a PG dominated juice is a harsher throat hit — if you are not a fan of this sensation, then try going for a more balanced PG/VG ratio.


Try Below-Coil Airflow Kits


We've already mentioned above that restricting the airflow on your device can help intensify the flavor. But the placement of your airflow also plays a part. Most atomizers have their airflow holes located on the side of the coil — and this actually works pretty well. But there is a better option.


If you are using an atomizer with airflow holes underneath the coil, you may be able to get a batter flavor out of it because of the direct airflow to the mouthpiece. You can find this type of setup on some sub-ohm tanks.


Choose a Narrower-Bore Drip Tip


The drip tip on your device can also affect your vape flavor. A lot of modern tanks and atomizers come with drip tips that are on the larger side. This makes for a more air-rich vape, which is great for cloud chasing.


For flavor chasing, however, this is not ideal. If your tank comes with a large drip tip, you may be getting a slightly "diluted" flavor. To boost the intensity, try using a device with a drip tip with a narrower bore.


Clean Vape Equals Clean Flavor


If you want to get a clean flavor out of your vape, you need to keep your wicks, coils, and tanks clean. Rinsing out your coil after every flavor change does seem a bit excessive, but you will notice that after some time of use, the flavor intensity will start to subside.


What you can do, however, is rinse out your atomizer head from time to time. In order to do this, you will need to disassemble your tank, rinse out its components in warm water and leave them to dry. The key thing here is to make sure each piece of the atomizer head is completely dry before you place things back together.


Avoid Vaper's Tongue


Keeping the technical side of your vape in order is just one of the aspects of getting that perfect hit. Another important component is your vaping habit. Vaper's tongue is one of the most common issues that can affect a vaper — and it typically happens when you vape too much of the same flavor. The e-juice will start to lose its taste and you may feel like other e-liquids no longer taste the same as well.


The simplest solution to this is to not stick to the same e-juice for a long period of time, especially if you vape a lot. Switch it up a little bit and make sure to take a break if you start feeling that your e-liquid has lost intensity.


Look After Your E-Juice


Last but not least, you need to take care of your e-juice. When stored incorrectly, your e-liquid may start losing flavor, get discolored and more. The best advice here is to keep your vape juice away from the heat, the sun and limit its exposure to open air.


Some e-juices benefit from steeping. Steeping is basically a process of letting your e-liquid "settle". You do it by leaving your vape juice in a cool dark area for a few days and shaking it from time to time. Not all juices need that — but if you feel that your e-liquid flavor is "not quite there" yet, this is something you may want to try.


So, let's sum things up:


There are quite a few things we've talked about today. So let's sum it up. Here are some basic tips you may want to follow if you are chasing after flavor:


  • Experiment with wattage and temperature settings
  • Decrease your airflow
  • Go with Kanthal coils
  • Pick the right wicks and wires
  • Opt for higher PG juices
  • Boost flavor with below-coil airflow
  • Try a narrower-bore drip tip
  • Clean your tank
  • Switch it up to avoid vaper’s tongue
  • Store your vape juices properly


And there you have it — happy flavor chasing! Are there any tricks you yourself use to get the most out of your juice? Share in the comments!

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