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Vaping etiquette guide 2019

We feel like we’ve been talking about vaping forever, however, in reality, it’s still very new and as we watch countries try to figure out whether and how Raven should be regulated we are also trying to figure out the social norms of vaping on an individual level.


Even though we have proudly called this guide “Vaping Etiquette Guide”, there is probably no such thing, at least for now, as vaping etiquette. That is, there is no universally established set of rules that would qualify as vaping etiquette and which all well-mannered vapers could refer to avoid making a faux-pas.  


Decisions about where or where not to vape and how to vape, to a large extent, are left to the vapers themselves as entire countries are still trying to decide whether and how to regulate vaping. Establishments like bars and restaurants are also left to decide their own vaping policies.


So what is vaping best practice?


Most vapers we’ve talked to admit that they are completely baffled when it comes to the social rules of vaping. They admit that it’s often unclear where they can and can not vape and are even unsure if they should stay in smoking or non-smoking areas in hotels and other public spaces. 


Why is Vaping Etiquette Important?

Etiquette is an important element of our society and it helps us navigate the world without running into too many problems with each other. As time goes by, these rules and norms change and adjust and new categories appear in our etiquette guides — for instance, there is already such a thing as smartphone etiquette.

Vaping etiquette is not about restricting vaping. It mostly has to do with making sure we understand each other and do not alienate vapers and non-vapers alike.


Where Can You Vape?

As Mentioned by the bus most establishments today decide their own vaping policies.  but let’s go over some genital Common Sense ideas about where you can and cannot vape.


Confined Spaces

Bacon in confined spaces is tricky,  it’s definitely not easy to do it without calling attention to yourself War infringing on the space of others around you.  the vapor coming from your device will definitely be more concentrated and some people may have to inhale your flavor clouds without really wanting to.  We know that there is pretty much no such thing as second-hand vapor. 


The difference between second-hand vaping and second-hand smoking is pretty much the same as the difference between smoking and vaping. Smoking a standard cigarette is a process that involves combustion and releases over 7000 chemicals into the air (many of which are known carcinogens). Vaping, on the other hand, is the result of a different process. It’s technically an aerosol exhaled by a vaper and is not a product of combustion. Thus, you are not inhaling second-hand smoke but rather clouds of flavorful steam. The vapor from vaping devices is the result of e-liquid being heated by a vaporizer and no carbon monoxide or tar is released in the process. Thus, it will not linger in the air, clothing or hair and does not have the sharp smell that cigarettes do. Most importantly, it does not pose any known health risks.


Still, it’s easy to understand that some people may simply not be eager to inhale your Vape clouds and this is true for both vapers and non-vapers. 


Things you can do when you have to vape in a confined space surrounded by a lot of people:


  • First, it’s best to switch to a more discreet vaping device like in vape pen or pod mod that will not attract attention and also comes with the more modest vapor production. This means that you will not be blowing huge clouds of vapor into someone else’s face.
  • Second, choosing a subtly smelling e-liquid will also help. Naturally, if you vape a durian flavored e-juice while waiting in line,  people may notice and you may get some not-so-positive feedback. Consider switching to a less pungent e-liquid like mint, menthol, coffee, apple, etc.
  • Finally, there is a technique known as stealth vaping.  This technique basically gives you a few ideas on how you can vape without calling attention to yourself and producing less vapor. If you simply can’t put down your vape pen or are in the early stages of quitting smoking, you can use these techniques to vape in places where it’s difficult. Check out our Guide to Stealth Vaping for more info.



Vaping Outside

Vaping outside is probably the easiest thing for vapor to do. If you are in a vape-friendly country, then you will not have to ask for permission or go to a special zone and will simply be able to walk in the park happily enjoying your vape session. Vaping outside is generally hassle-free but there are a few things to keep in mind:


  •  First, it’s really important to make sure that vaping is legal in the place where you currently are. Some countries (especially in Southeast Asia) ban vaping in all its forms and you may get into a lot of trouble even if you are vaping on the street far away from other people.
  • Another thing to pay attention to when vaping outside is that you may be affected by the elements.  Hot and cold temperatures, wind, humidity, and other factors may influence the taste of your e-liquid and your overall vaping experience. 


Vaping At Home

If you’re vaping at your own home then you are definitely left to your own devices.  you can choose whether you like to vape inside on the balcony or even in your bedroom.  I like smoking vaping poses no risk of the fire it will not lead to stains or leave a smell in your house clothing and furniture. With that, if you do not live alone is always best to air out a room or space after your vaping session so that the smell of your liquid does not disturb others. 


Vaping In Your Car

Just like your house, whether you can or can not vape in your car is a decision that is yours and yours only. With that, it is strongly recommended not to vape when driving as it can be a distraction and might lead to an accident. Plus, it’s advised that you vape with the windows open and so that vapor does not cloud up your car and impair vision. In short, while you can vape in your vehicle, the second it starts putting your and others in danger, you should stop.


Vaping In Someone Else’s Home

People have different ideas about vaping and it’s essential that you ask the host how they feel about vaping indoors. If they are not sure about it but open to discussion, it’s good to have some pro vape facts up your sleeve. However, if you feel that your host has very strict views on vaping, it’s probably best to not get into a debate. 


Vaping Around Kids

Vaping around children is generally looked down upon – the same way as smoking around children. Even though smoking and vaping are not the same – and second-hand vaping (as mentioned above) is not known to cause any health problems, there is a whole range of reasons why people may consider vaping around children a bad idea. One of the most frequently cited reasons is the fear that children will copy your behavior and start vaping at an early age. However, Public Health Matters have even published a blog post including the fact that no direct link between children seeing you vape and them taking up vaping and/or smoking has been found.



Vaping Etiquette: How to Make a Good Impression

Making a good impression is important for improving the vision of what vaping is compared to smoking. And while it’s definitely not your job to carry the weight of “pro vaping propaganda”, simply being nice can go a long way. 


If you feel that someone is curious or someone asks you about what you are doing and you have the time to give them a bit of info, why not use this opportunity? Once again, it’s good to have some facts, research data or statistics up your sleeve so that you can clearly get your point across and back it up with facts.


Vaping Etiquette: Social Situations

Vaping socially is still not as common as a group of co-workers taking a quick smoke break. 

And this comes with a number of nuances. 

If you are around people who do not smoke or vape, it’s best to take a few moments to ask if it’s okay to vape. If they end up asking you questions, try giving them some information (as described above) so that they might feel more comfortable around vapers.

If you are in a group of smokers, nobody (in their right mind) should criticize you for vaping. And it’s best practice to refrain from criticism yourself. Even though you have all the facts and figures on your side, lecturing people about their addictions is rarely the best break-the-ice tool. However, if someone is genuinely curious about your vape gear, it would be absolutely appropriate to give them the information and maybe even share your smoke-to-vape story (if you have one, of course).


Vaping Etiquette: Stealth Vaping

After you have become the master of stealth vaping, you may want to stealth vape anywhere and anytime. But just because you can doesn’t mean it is a good idea. 

For instance, if an establishment (like a restaurant or club) has made it clear that they do not allow vaping, it’s best to keep to their policy. 

Needless to say, you should not practice stealth vaping on a flight (there are some people who’ve tried doing that and now you can read about them in the news) or any other mode of public transport that does not allow it.

If you are invited into someone’s home and they are not too keen about people vaping inside their house, it’s also best not to challenge that with stealth vaping.

In most situations, the question of whether it is okay or not okay to stealth vape is related to whether it’s okay to expose others around you to second-hand vapor. While a lot of people still think of second-hand vapor as the same thing as second-hand smoke, this is clearly not the case. Thus, most vapers would not see stealth vaping as something that infringes on the rights of others. With that, there are some situations when stealth vaping may simply not be worth the trouble. Trust your instincts and evaluate your risks before you attempt to stealth vape.


Vaping Etiquette: Summing Things Up

In the end, it all comes down to common sense. If there are no established regulations on vaping (and, in most cases, there are not), the best thing to do is to follow your best judgment, avoid trouble, respect your rights as well as the rights of others.

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