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iQ Mini Guide: 10 Common Mistakes New Vapers Make

Whenever we do something we have never done before, we are bound to make mistakes. They are just part of the experience. However, some of these can be easily avoided with just a bit of research: in this mini-guide, we have summed up the 10 most common mistakes new vapers make and what can be done to avoid them.

Mistake #1 Starting with an advanced box mod

One of the most common mistakes new vapers make is going big fast. Unfortunately, this is often encouraged by local vape shops that would often recommend pricey high-end devices to newbie vapers. This rarely works out, however. As you have just given up smoking and are struggling with withdrawal, the last thing you will want to do is spend time figuring out how a box mod works or how to re-wick your device.


In your first month of vaping, go simple. Pod systems tend to be a good choice for those exploring vaping as they come with the minimal learning curve and very little maintenance. With replaceable pods refilling your e-liquid will be a breathe and there is very little maintenance involved. Plus, most pod systems are perfectly suited for nic salt e-liquids, which often work best for ex-smokers.

Mistake #2 Getting a low-quality device

While going big is definitely not advised for first-time vapers, buying a low-quality e-cigarette is worse. You won't need fancy gear in your first month of vaping, but you will need quality gear. Getting a cheap poor quality e-cig may be easy, but it probably won't give you a fulfilling experience and you will probably not get the right idea about what vaping really is and what it can offer. Low-quality vaping devices can result in quite a few of the following:

Poor performance
Low vapor production
Low battery life
Bad flavor
Quickly burning out coils
And more

In the end, instead of saving money, you will end up overpaying to simply get your device to work properly and, as mentioned above, you won't be getting much from the experience.


Get a reliable averagely priced pod system from a reputable vape store. Take some time to read a few reviews ahead of time and make sure the vaping device you are considering meets quality standards and is certified for safe use in your country.

Mistake #3 Picking the wrong nicotine level

Kicking off at the wrong nicotine level is another mistake that many new vapers make. Some are really motivated to change their habits and may go with the nicotine concentration that is very low compared to their previous smoking habits. This may prove to be counter-effective as you will lot be getting an experience that is satisfying enough to replace tobacco cigarettes.
iQ ONE- the only one you need, freebased and nic salt is compatible

Be realistic about how much you used to smoke and pick e-liquids with the nicotine concentration that comes close to that. If you are already using a vape juice that is quite high in nicotine but still not getting the hit you need, consider trying nic salts. These types of e-liquids can deliver the highest nicotine concentrations (up to 50mg/ml) without the harsh throat hit.

It’s also possible to start with too much nicotine. If this happens, you will find the throat hit that you are getting too harsh and you might also feel lightheaded. If you are unsure about the nicotine level that you should go with, consult your local vape shop, do some research on vaping forums or check out some starter vaping guides like A Comprehensive Guide to Your First Month of Vaping.

Mistake #4 Getting the wrong flavor

In addition to getting the right nicotine concentration, it's important to get the right e-juice flavor. It's always best to try out a few flavors (maybe get several small e-liquid bottles with different tastes). Once you have chosen your favorites, you will be able to start building your e-liquid stack.


Most ex-smokers feel "safer" starting out with the classics like tobacco, menthol or mint. Once you are ready to experiment, some other popular favorites include red apple, mango, blueberry and lots and lots of blends and mixes.

Mistake #5 Getting the PG/VG ratio wrong

It’s also vital to get the PG/VG ratio right. Most e-liquids on the market today contain propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). Both substances are recognized as generally safe for consumption by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are nontoxic. But there are quite a few differences between the two: PG makes for a stronger throat hit and carries flavor better. VG is sweeter, thicker and produces more vapor.

As you start shopping for e-liquids, you will notice that they come in different PG/VG ratios and it may be hard to decide which ration would work best in your particular case. This depends not only on your vaping preferences but also on the device you are using. PG is easier on the basic coil that you usually find in starter devices and VG is thicker and needs special coils in order to work properly. Thus, if you are using a pod system device, it's very to go with juices that are high in PG.


If you are using a starter kit, try to stick to at 70% PG e-liquids. If you have moved on to a larger gadget and are looking to blow large clouds, try out juices higher in VG. In any case, the best strategy here would be to consult the seller/manufacturer of your vaping gadget about which juices go best with it.

iQ ONE- the only one you need, freebased and nic salt is compatible
Mistake #6 Not doing basic research

If you don't do some basic research on what vaping is, how it works and how it affects your body, you may find yourself being pulled in by anti-vaping conspiracy theories or affected by hundreds if vaping related news stories. While it's definitely important to stay up to date with vaping new stories, it is still crucial to be able to tell fact from fiction apart. While the UK government has given out a consistent message that, based on evidence, vaping is around 95% safer than vaping, some people and even health authorities are still convinced that vaping is just as bad as smoking.


Do some basic research online and make sure you know:

What vaping is
How it works
How it is different from smoking
What health risks are involved.

Mistake #7 Not giving it enough time

Some vapers easily go from smoking to vaping — but for some, it may take more time. While vaping manages to mimic lots of the lifestyle elements of smoking and you do get your nicotine hot, the two are still not the same. Thus, if you are experiencing some cigarette cravings or feel that vaping is not giving you the same sensation — you are not alone.


Going from smoking to vaping is still a transition and it may take some time. Do your best to stay patient and give the process at least a month before carrying out your final verdict.

Mistake #8 Not changing the coil timely

After using your vape gadget for some time, you may notice that the juice in your tank does not taste quite the same. This is a sign that your coil may be burnt out and it's time for a replacement. Typically, a coil on a device lasts for about three weeks (depending on how much and how often you vape) and from there on your flavor quality will start to decrease.


Check with the consultant at the vape shop where you got your device and about how frequently the coils need to be changed and get a supply of coils to last you through the first few months so you don't suddenly run out.

Mistake #8 Mishandling your vape gadget

Modern vaping devices can handle a lot. You can drop them or scratch them — and they should be fine. But caution should still be exercised. These are still battery-operated devices and having them knocked around at the bottom of your backpack is probably not a good idea.


Follow a few simple rules when handling your vaping gear:
Make sure your vape gadget is turned off before you put it in your pocket or bag
Never place your gadget under direct sun for long periods of time

Make sure to always charge it with original charging gear and following all the instructions of the manufacturer

Mistake #9 Letting batteries run out

When you are new to vaping, it's easy to overlook this point. But it's a very important one. The last thing you want to do is go back to cigarettes because your vaping device was out of charge. Starter vaping kits tend to come with relatively small batteries (up to 350mAh) while larger hybrid devices may pack a battery of up to 1100mAh.


Make sure you are regularly charging your vaping gadget and especially if you spend a lot of time outside where charging options are limited. Plus, it's always a good idea to carry a power bank to juice up your atomizer along the way. iQ, for instance, comes with a dedicated carrying case that doubles as a power bank.

Mistake #10 Mastering the theory of vaping before you actually try it

While it's definitely important to do some basic research about what vaping is and how it works before you stock up on e-liquids, learning all there is to know about voltage, watts and ohms may actually have a counter effect. You may start to think that vaping is too complicated or delay your transition until you know every little bit about it.

The truth is, however, that vaping is incredibly versatile and you can decide just how complicated or simple you want it to be.


Start with a basic cig-a-like or pod mod and make your way up the complexity scale at your own pace and if you really want to. The fact is that a large number of vapers feel quite comfortable at this level and many choose not to move on to more complicated gadgetry.
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